Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zorba's Deli

Today was a pleasant day off. After an invigorating stroll through the salty air of the San Leandro Marina with my friend Julie, we decided we needed to refuel with some deli-style fare thanks to Zorba's Deli in Hayward. Having eaten a sub sandwich for breakfast (my tendency to eat like a frat boy has no rhyme or reason considering that I haven't ever dated one; SFSU didn't exactly have an active Greek life), I dismissed her selection from the list of sandwich options and instead sprang for a platter of lamb kefta, a plate fit for a linebacker and just what I needed to satiate my hunger from our "strenuous" walk of about 4 miles (zero incline, natch). I savoured the Mediterranean-spiced ground lamb patties, dressed with tzatkiki sauce until it was properly (re: sloppily) lubed up, interchanging bites between the accompanying yellow rice, pita, and Greek salad. I managed to "forget" about my dairy intolerance as I wolfed down the feta cheese nibbles. An impromptu and delicious lunch indeed. My greed had me wanting more, but my stomach's then-current state at maximum capacity objected. I was reassured by the clock: only 4 more hours until my next meal.